Halftone Audio is the name of my podcast company. We are currently producing three shows but we're always looking for great new ideas.


On the Grid is a show about the makers and creators that are helping to make Phoenix the thriving cultural metropolis we know it can be.

Hosted by Philip Haldiman and Produced by Chris Ayers.



Two linguists, Carrie Gillon and Megan Figueroa, discuss linguistic discrimination...essentially, why we judge people for how they talk and why we should stop doing it. 

Produced and edited by Chris Ayers. 


Two comic book fans, Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper, chronicle the history of DC Comics characters on the big screen in a monthly podcast. Including interviews with experts, people who were associated with the films, and comic book creators.


Two huge DC Comics fans, Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper, discuss, analyze and criticize Batman v Superman scene by scene on a weekly podcast. We also feature guests with various viewpoints, including comic book creators Brian Augustyn, Jamal Igle and Chris Sims.