I love working with Arizona politicians that I believe in to help them develop a strong identity and amplify their message. I have worked on a variety of state-wide and local campaigns. If you’re new to politics or an established candidate, I would love to help you strategize and craft your message with a compelling and memorable graphics campaign.


“Deedra is Everywhere” This promotional image for the 2018 Deedra Abboud Senate campaign was intended to differentiate Deedra from her opponent by showing that Deedra was constantly on the move - traveling the state and meeting constituents all over Arizona.

This image had a variety of uses throughout the campaign, from vinyl banners, buttons and even moving car billboards that covered the state.

“Solar Champion” I worked with Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Kiana Maria Sears to develop this concept that exemplifies her goals as a candidate. One of the challenges of this race was to let people know the role of the Corporation Commission and that if you are concerned with the environment then you should vote for Kiana because she is a proponent of clean energy, especially solar power.

“District 19” I strategized with Arizona House of Representatives candidate Devin del Palacio to develop this graphics campaign that appeals to people’s sense of neighborhood belonging. We reasoned that most people don’t even know their legislative district number, but if they were made aware of it they would feel as if it was their “home team” and associate Devin with AZ District 19.

This was the main identity for Camaron Stevenson’s Phoenix City Council bid. We wanted to stay away from the cliched image of a Phoenix bird, but still have it represented in some way. We chose a burning Phoenix feather. Bird imagery has been used by progressive campaigns to symbolize hope, but a feather also carries that connotation. The light blue tone has become a symbol of hope and progress exemplified by the Obama and Bernie Sanders campaigns and we wanted people to associate Camaron’s campaign with those values.

Marcus Ferrell already had a primary branding for his Arizona House of Representatives campaign but he asked me to come up with a secondary branding for use on social media that included his signature hat and glasses. I adapted the campaign’s signature colors for visual continuity.