I've been drawing since I was four years old and haven't stopped creating since. I've never had any doubts about what kind of career I would have, I just had no idea where it would take me. I've been lucky enough to participate in projects ranging from local and national television, live theatre, politics, internet radio, podcasting, and motion pictures. In short, I love commercial art and entertainment. 

My first job, during high school, really helped to define my interests and fostered a love for the entertainment business. I worked in a movie theatre and I was eventually promoted to projectionist and developed a love for presenting entertainment to other people. I got my first taste of graphic design while putting up the new movie posters every week.  I marveled at the design of the great ones, and this eventually led me to major in graphic design in college.

I majored in Graphic Design at Winthrop University and while still in school I was able to land a part-time job at the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC. I started out designing graphics for newscasts and quickly learned animation and video editing.

I've worked in a creative capacity for television for the last 18 years. I've seen that business change and evolve and I've had to change with it. More than anything, the TV business has taught be to come up creative decisions quickly and execute them efficiently.

I've set down roots in Phoenix, AZ, a city I would never have imagined myself living in when I was younger. Phoenix has proven to be a great environment. There are so many opportunities here for someone like me who is enterprising and creative. 

I’d love to use my skills to help you with your next project.

Contact me using the button below or give me a call at 773-573-9008